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How Bulk SMS with Transactional SMS brought the Text Messaging Revolution

Do you notice how you receive strange text notifications from companies indicating your order is ready to be delivered? Perhaps a text message informing you when your hotel reservation gets affirmed? If you have, kudos to you! You know a lot more than you think about commercial SMS.

Almost 98 percent of those who receive Alerts open them. Given this, it's no surprise that

bulk SMS providers

with transactional SMS have become the preferred method of customer engagement for many businesses and organizations all over the world. It is non-marketed and geared toward customer relations to improve the quality of customer service by fostering a healthy relationship between the company and its intended audience.

What is meant by transactional SMS, and how does it work?

Bulk SMS Broadcast

used to send transactional Mass SMS. It is a type of programmed SMS that a company or organization delivers to its users or customers to give critical information about how to use the company's products or services personally. Transactional Texts with bulk SMS service providers are often non-marketed and non-promotional, indicating the text message is prompted by the customer preferences and contains personalized specifics of a business-to-customer transaction.

If your company conducts online financial transactions, for example, you can deliver an e-receipt to your consumer using transactional SMS. Over the years, the concept of using SMS to market the products has evolved significantly. Even as recently as a few years ago, most businesses relied only on advertising SMS to get their goods and services in front of their clients. However, instead of pushing promotional marketing, the emphasis has switched to informational communication that guides clients through the customer lifecycle. The mechanics of business-customer interactions have changed dramatically as a result of this.

What role may SMS play in your company's success?

When things are dispatched, up to 80% of customers prefer to monitor their orders through text. And nearly half of potential customers choose to have a business brand after obtaining an SMS from them, which allows them to communicate on a more individual basis.

If 3 out of 4 customers show interest in your

online messages

and contact you for the same, then it’s clear that

mass messaging

is helpful to increase the sales. With all of this in mind, it's no surprise that small and large businesses alike are largely depending on Group SMS services to provide consistent customer service.

Transactional Text messages, apart from being engaging for customers, are also more time-sensitive and dependable, ensuring that vital info and upgrades are provided to them quickly and securely through a secure connection.

Transactional SMS comes in a variety of forms
While the primary objective stays the same, delivering critical transactional information to clients at the correct moment, there are numerous types of transactional SMS utilized for different objectives. You can utilize transactional SMS with bulk SMS solutions in a way based on your objective and the sort of purchase, and irrespective of the items and services you sell.

Purchase confirmations, shipment and arrival notifications, OTPs, and e-receipts have been among the most frequent types of transactional SMS that are commonly utilized.

Transactional v / s promotional SMS

Companies send promotional Text messages to their potential customers to promote products and services. Delivering marketing SMS is primarily for advertisements and marketing objectives, with the primary goal of attracting investment.

Transactional Texts, on the other hand, are used to send non-marketed communications to your clients and to provide crucial transactional data. One can only deliver transactional SMS to business subscribers, advising them of happenings and changes that are unrelated to promotional activity in any way.

Or, to put it another way, transactional SMS is about providing benefits to customers through tailored and distinctive text messages rather than advertising your items and/or services. Transactional SMS, unlike advertising SMS, is activated by the activities of the client.

As you can transmit a promotional SMS to your prospective customers at any time about a price discount your organization is selling, you can only send a transactional SMS once the customer has completed the purchase.

Impact of SMS on Business

Either transactional or marketing SMS, each form of SMS serves a specific purpose determined by the sort of business delivering it. As a consequence, the influence of each form of SMS on your organization will be determined by your objectives and how effectively you use each Message.

If you want to drive traffic to websites or increase your purchase rate and customer loyalty, promotional SMS is the way to go. The promotional messages explain what your company offers, discounts, deals and can assist market your goods and services and produce impact economic activity through the old school manner of promoting but in a traditional and quicker approach.

Transactional SMS is an efficacious method of improving user engagement by gaining access to information, creating brand credibility, or cultivating connections with customers by communicating significant facts about your product or service.

Here are some instances of how transactional SMS messages can be used

Transactional Texts can be used in a variety of ways, based on the purpose and aims.

To conclude, transactional SMS is essential for companies aiming to improve their customers' experience by using rich communication methods. If your company lacks the requisite expertise and connectors to automate transactional SMS, you can turn to specialist bulk SMS API ecommerce platforms for assistance. They'll assist you to combine and implement better bulk SMS service techniques using the correct technologies and equipment, allowing your company to grow at a faster pace.

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